5 Simple Rustic Gifts to Make this Holiday Season

Black Friday, arguably the biggest shopping day of the entire year, will arrive in just a few days and if you’re not one of the people heading out at midnight, chances are you’re either choosing to wait to shop or interested in making your own gifts.

While crafting your own gifts certainly is something special to do, it can be difficult if you don’t have the right materials, some of which can be quite expensive. In addition, those who don’t craft may get discouraged if projects are overly complicated.

In case you’re interested in making your gifts by hand, we found 5 rustic ideas that are more on the simple/inexpensive side (and most used recycled materials). We don’t take credit for any of the ideas and photos listed, so be sure to follow each link to the original source.

1. DIY Birch Wood Candle Holders

Birch Wood Candle

If you have power tools and some old wood lying around (it doesn’t have to be birch), these cute little candles are easy and inexpensive to make. The post includes a nice little tutorial and lots of great color photos. One of the commenters suggested using LED tea candles instead of real candles, which is great sustainable option. It all comes down to personal preference!

2. DIY Pallet Wood Charger Plate

Holiday Table

Pallet projects are extremely popular, especially with those interested in the rustic and “shabby chic” styles. If you want to give something really special or even bring a rustic touch to your own dinner table, these wood chargers offer a perfect mix of the outdoors and holiday cheer. If you happen to have Gorilla Glue, Mod Podge, and scissors, you already have half the supplies needed.

3. DIY Recycled Jar Snowglobes

DIY snowglobes

If you’re looking for a fun rustic-esque project to do with children or for children, we suggest this recycled jar snowglobe project. Like the previous projects, this one also is a great way to reuse materials that otherwise might be thrown away. To give the globes even, more of a rustic look, use Mason jars instead of the jars pictured.

4. DIY Rustic Cork Coasters

DIY cork coasters

There’s good news and there’s bad news about this one. The bad news is there’s no tutorial, but the good news is these shouldn’t be hard to make on your own. It looks as simple as purchasing small picture frames, popping off the back and glass, gluing foam to the back, and placing antique corks on the inside. It looks as if the corks might be cut. Either way, if you have a matching set of small frames and old corks or want to head to thrift stores/craft shops to look for some, this would be a perfect gift.

5. DIY Rustic Chalkboard

DIY Rustic Chalkboard

While it’s hard to find a genuine slate chalkboard these days, it’s easy to make your own with some sort of hard surface and chalkboard paint. Another neat thing about chalkboard paint is that it comes in a variety of colors so you don’t have to choose black if you don’t want to. If you’ve got some old wood slices (the author found hers at Michael’s), they’d be perfect for this project. This makes a great gift for adults and children.

We hope you liked these ideas as much as we did! Have a happy Thanksgiving and good luck with your Christmas gifts!

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